Spirits of Rome

A sip will take you on a journey through time, from present day to 1970s Rome and back. This is the spirit of Garbata, the new concept in the world of spiritsand blends created by Federico Tomasselli and Valerio Piccolo.

The touch of an experienced young guru of mixology like Federico Tomasselli reinterprets Italian classics drinkswith a twistdirectly from the city that hosts the Colosseum.

This is Garbata. The brand and its design were inspired by the Garbatella neighbourhood and its distinctive Roman barocchetto architecture with its rounded windows.

that comes from far away

Tomasselli – who in his early thirties already boasts a long, award-winning professional career that began in iconic London bars like the Townhouse-Lab and led to the most famous speakeasy in Italy, the Jerry Thomas in Rome – rummaged through his boyhood memories and brought back to life the aromas and flavours of the bar his family owned in Garbatella, one of the most unique working-class neighbourhoods in Rome.

Tomasselli distinguishes Garbata’s cocktails and vermouths with a secret aromatic bitter (we call Pasta Madre) in a recipe he found in an old family trunk and updated for our times.

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